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Example: Alberta Kathleen (Staubus) (Yoder) Cooper

Published onJun 04, 2020
Example: Alberta Kathleen (Staubus) (Yoder) Cooper

Alberta Kathleen Cooper

b. June 22, 1916, Bloomington, IL

d. January 11, 1990, Beverly, OH

Obituary Pantagraph, The (Bloomington, IL) - February 1, 1990 (via Find a Grave)

Find a Grave

High School Graduation Picture

Reflections from Heather Ruland Staines

Unfortunately, I wasn’t close to my grandmother, as we lived a few hours away. I do remember when she came to stay with us when I was about five, although I didn’t know the reason at the time. I was lucky to see her regularly at family Thanksgivings, Christmases, and Easter, when we would travel for a big meet up at my Aunt Sally’s in Malta, OH. Her funeral was the first one that I ever attended.

Things I remember about her:

  • She loved dogs and cats. Her last dog was still just a puppy when she passed away.

  • She played organ and piano. I was always impressed by the organ at her house. My mother bought her a piano which she still had at the time of her death.

  • She made delicious potato salad and deviled eggs.

  • She was an active member of Eastern Star.

Reflections of Leilani Ruland

My mother was soft spoken and very creative. She made all our clothes during that terrible World War Two. She disappeared at times, once returning with a little brother. Children from broken childhoods learn to cope in their own ways. Her mother taught me to have courage and be grateful while keeping me safe. I had an Aunt Liddy where I lived for one year when my mother was missing.
One day a military plane brought me back to my mother. I needed new glasses, clothes for a teenager, understood that I was overwhelmed with sadness.
She was not there for the births of all my babies.
One day we saw Willie Nelson at the fair.
She never taught me to cook or clean. She never explained her absences. One day she would die in her sleep and I was not there to say goodbye.

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