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Example: Gerald Lee Yoder

Published onJun 04, 2020
Example: Gerald Lee Yoder

Gerald Lee Yoder

b. August 31, 1905, Flanagan, IL

d. June 16, 1950, El Paso, TX

Obituary (Via Find a Grave) The Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois) Sat, Jun 17, 1950

Find a Grave

Reflections of Heather Ruland Staines

My maternal grandfather, Gerald Yoder, passed away when my mother was just a child. A veteran of World War II, he remained on active duty after the war, and passed away from lung cancer only five years later. Unfortunately, his military records were destroyed in a fire, so I don’t know much about his service. He’s buried in a military cemetery in El Paso, TX.

Reflections of Leilani Kaalo Ruland

My father was a soldier. I never saw him in any other clothes.
I was born in Hawaii. He gave me my name.
He went off to war when I was three.
He came home when I was seven.
I was lucky to have him four more years.
He never talked about those war years.
At home he stacked his beer cans and smoked those Lucky Stripes
like they were candy.
He taught me to play Rummy. I only beat him once.
Lung cancer took him away when I was eleven.
I didn’t get to say goodbye. Hospital rule was no visiting under age fourteen.
I have his flag with only 48 stars on it. I have his dog tag.
I miss him every day.

Photo from Find a Grave, added by Keith Pollanen

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